TMG Export

The Market Grocer (乐满生集团)‘出口’

我们遍寻澳洲及世界各国最佳品质产品,作为‘The Market Grocer’ 品牌,并在悉尼用最先进的食品设备进行包装, 。

‘JAS-ANZ’– 是一家第三方认证的审核机构
‘BRC GLOBAL STANDARD’(BRC 世界标准)- 是国际上最为认可与最高 食品安全标准
‘NASAA CERTIFICATION’(NASAA 证书)-我们是完全认可的有机食品包装商

我们一直持有‘AAA’ 食品安全标准。这家鉴定组织是由高品质团队所组成,他们一直追求卓越的专业服务, 为 ‘The Market Grocer’品牌食品提供最高食品安全标准的鉴定与认可。

‘The Market Grocer’ ‘EXPORT’

‘The Market Grocer’ is a family owned all Australian company specialising in the packing of the highest quality all natural – ‘Dried Fruits’ , ‘Nuts’, & ‘Seeds’.
We support Australian grown products and travel the world for the highest quality products to be packed with our brand The Market Grocer at our state of the art fully accredited facility in Sydney.
The Market Grocer packing facility carries the highest world standards for food safety.

‘JASANZ’ – Accredited Third Party Certification Audit Body.
‘BRC GLOBAL STANDARD’ – Food Safety standard which is one of the most recognised and demanding of internationally Food Safety Standards.
‘NASAA Certification‘ – We are a fully certified Organic’s packer.

We maintain an ‘A A A Grade’ rating at all food safety audits which is operated by a highly qualified professional team in the pursuit of excellence supplying The Market Grocer branded products of the highest quality carrying Australian food safety of the highest standard.